3 Things To Look For In A Luxury Apartment

According to recent statistics, many cities in Florida are placed on the list of the “least affordable rental markets,” with a median rent price above the national average. Over the past few years, the cost of renting a home in The Sunshine State has risen due to increased demand for luxury properties. Since renting a luxury apartment in a beautiful, vibrant coastal city, such as Destin, FL, is going to be exciting, let’s take a look at three things to consider before signing on the dotted line.

  • Generous Living Space – To begin with, a luxury apartment should provide a generous living space complemented with high-end finishes, upscale amenities, and large windows that bathe the entire space in natural light and offer stunning views. In addition, the apartment should be located conveniently in a beautiful area characterized by a certain socio-economic status and sprinkled with green spaces to give you escape from the frenetic pace of modern life.
  • Gym, Pool, and Parking – A fitness area and a pool are two amenities that really do count when looking for a luxury apartment. Though a well-equipped fitness center sounds perfect, don’t forget to consider its size in relation to the size of the building. And besides the swimming pool – common in many luxury apartment complexes – you may want to consider some other amenities, such as a clubhouse, tennis courts, picnic areas, etc. Having a guaranteed parking space is very important to avoid playing the annoying “parking game” every day.
  • Security –When touring apartment complexes, many people tend to forget about safety. But at Sugarloaf Luxury Apartments, we know that everyone wants to feel safe in his or her home. For this reason, we provide a variety of security features, including security systems, 24-hour electronic surveillance,and an in-house courtesy officer who lives on the premises. The perks of having a courtesy officer include fast response times to any issues that may arise, such as noise complaints and neighborly disputes, and the comfort of knowing that a professionally trained officer is ready to protect his neighbors from anyone who might be considering theft, damage, or personal injury.

Though some specialists advise against attributing too much value to changeable features, such as premium appliances, finishes, and fixtures, luxury apartments would look like regular apartments without all these small “touches.”

If you’re looking for a luxury apartment in Destin, FL, keep this short list in mind:

  • Regardless of context, luxury living involves generous spaces and splendid locations surrounded by restaurants, movie theaters, shopping malls, markets, etc.
  • A luxury apartment complex should be located in the best neighborhood that provides a safe environment and a relaxing ambiance.
  • All luxury apartments must boast deluxe amenities and facilities.

What about the other things you may want, such as the fully equipped modular kitchen, spa facilities, and modern tech gadgets? Well, you can get them later – or not.

To turn your dream of living by the beach into reality, we invite you to contact us at Sugarloaf Luxury Apartments in Destin, FL. Our professionals are here, ready to help you find the perfect luxury apartment for you.