4 Things To Know Before Moving to Destin

Destin, FL is a beautiful city in Okaloosa County, right on the Emerald Coast. It is a coveted place to live because of its proximity to those gorgeous emerald waters and pristine beaches. However, before moving to Destin there are few other things you need to know. Housing. According to Livability, 68.61% of people own … Read More

3 Things Destin Renters Need to Know About Identity Theft

You’re ready to find your dream Destin Luxury Apartment. You know your budget, you know what you want in a Destin apartment and you know where in Destin you want to live. What’s the next step? You want to ensure you have good credit, as this will determine the type of apartment you can get … Read More

4 Things to Note Before Renting Your Next Florida Apartment

  Moving to Northwest Florida’s Emerald Coast, which is cited as one of the best places to live and retire in the US, can be very exciting. But finding a good apartment that feels like home is often more difficult than it might seem at first glance. Renting a good apartment is sometimes cumbersome not … Read More

7 Reasons to Get Apartment Renters Insurance In Florida

A common misconception about rental insurance is that the landlord’s policy provides coverage for everything, including the tenants’ personal belongings. Yet the exact opposite is true: landlords and their insurers cannot be held liable for damage to renters’ possessions. We all know that the best part of being a renter is that you have fewer … Read More

Affordable Seasonal Design Changes For Your Luxury Apartment

When it comes to luxury apartment rentals, one of the challenges many renters face is finding budget-friendly ideas to decorate and personalize their interiors. Since spending too much time and money to decorate a temporary home isn’t really worth it, it’s very important to consider both the aesthetic and financial payoff of your decisions at … Read More

3 Ways Apartment Living is Better than On Campus Housing

On campus living offers several advantages. There’s no doubt about that. But in addition to being minutes away from your classes, choosing a meal plan according to your needs and creating long-lasting friendships with your roommates, living on campus comes with several drawbacks, such as a small dorm space, shared bathrooms, lack of privacy, constant … Read More

5 Mistakes Destin Apartment Renters Make

You must be really excited. After all, you’re gearing up to rent your first apartment in the idyllic beach town of Destin, FL. For many people, however, renting a place they love in a good neighborhood and at a price they can afford isn’t easy. That’s because most first-time renters make a series of mistakes … Read More

Best Time To Look For a Destin Apartment

When is the Best Time to Look For a Destin Apartment? Whether you’re a novice or an experienced apartment hunter, it doesn’t hurt to consider a few things before starting to look for a Destin apartment. One of these things is timing. When exactly should you start your search for an apartment in Destin, FL, … Read More

Apartment Furniture Ideas That Save Space

Space constraints are a painful reality of modern life. But that’s not the only reason why traditional furniture, which takes up a lot of floor and wall space, is about to become a thing of the past. More and more people are looking for ways to squeeze out every inch of usable space, no matter … Read More

5 Ways to add Square Footage to Your Apartment

Have you just found a lovely rental apartment on the Emerald Coast, but it’s a bit too small? Don’t despair, you don’t have to go through the apartment hunting process again. How do we propose to solve this problem? That’s quite simple. Sign the lease and implement the foll owing five space optimization ideas we’ve … Read More