4 Things To Know Before Moving to Destin

Emerald coast beachDestin, FL is a beautiful city in Okaloosa County, right on the Emerald Coast. It is a coveted place to live because of its proximity to those gorgeous emerald waters and pristine beaches. However, before moving to Destin there are few other things you need to know.

  • Housing. According to Livability, 68.61% of people own homes, while 31.39% of people decide to rent. The population of Destin is up by 67.4% since 2000, weighing in the total population at 13,523. This proves that is indeed a popular place to live. It is also a great place to retire, as most residents are over the age of 65.
  • Jobs. Most people in Destin have graduated high school, while 38% of people have a bachelor’s degree. According to Sperling’s Best Places, there is a low unemployment rate, at approximately 4%. There is a large number of businesses with 10 or less employees, indicating that entrepreneurship is good in Destin. Destin has positive job growth. It has seen job growth of about .62%, which is a positive sign that the economy is healthy.  
  • Schools and Health. Destin schools are a part of the Okaloosa County School District. These schools were given a 10 out of 10 rating from Great! Schools ratings.  Destin is home to people who care about a healthy lifestyle. 77% of people report that physical activity is part of their leisure time. There are 15 hospitals nearby.
  • Nearby. There are some really great spots to hit in Destin. Some local favorites include Jetty East Beach, Henderson Beach State Park, Destin History and fishing Museum, Hog’s Breath Saloon, Crab Island, and much more. These nearby local favorites only scratch the surface of all that Destin has to offer. Moving to Destin will mean every weekend is an adventure.

As you can see Destin, FL is a great place to live. The beaches, the housing, schools, jobs are just a few reasons to move to Destin. Are you convinced to move yet? We have the perfect place for you to live during your Destin adventure. Sugarloaf Luxury Apartments offers a convenient living experience, not to mention all of the amenities that comes with renting at Sugarloaf. Start your life in Destin by becoming a part of the Sugarloaf community!

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