4 Things to Note Before Renting Your Next Florida Apartment


two women at a coffee shopMoving to Northwest Florida’s Emerald Coast, which is cited as one of the best places to live and retire in the US, can be very exciting. But finding a good apartment that feels like home is often more difficult than it might seem at first glance.

Renting a good apartment is sometimes cumbersome not because of a lack of rental units, as there are seemingly endless options available, but because of all the things you need to consider, ranging from location, the amount of rent and the length of lease to whether or not you should get a roommate.

Though there are many aspects associated with renting a Florida apartment, we’ve picked the four most important things you should take a closer look at before signing a lease agreement.

Comfort and Cost

Before you rent an apartment, carefully check out its layout. If you intend to share it with one or more roommates, making sure that each one of you will get a separate bedroom is critical for ensuring space and privacy. Also, check to see if the rent includes utilities like water, cable, Internet services, garbage collection, etc.

You’ll want to ask about the amenities you’ll have access to. Some Florida apartment buildings have a fitness center with sauna, swimming pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, picnic areas and other recreation facilities. Although you could live without all these, having an assortment of amenities a few steps away from your apartment is a nice addition that could enhance your lifestyle.


When inspecting the apartment, ensure that everything is in good working order. Look for problems like appliances and faucets that don’t work, windows that don’t open or lock properly, leaking pipes, stains on walls, etc.

If you observe any damage, take photographs, note it down on a checklist and have the property manager sign off on it. Also, get in writing any repairs he has promised to make.


Location is another thing you should give real thought to prior to choosing a Florida apartment. The best apartments are located in good neighborhoods, close to all essentials that can make your life easier like grocery stores, shops, pharmacies, hospitals and entertainment options.

But “good” location also means enhanced security. Our luxury apartment complex, for example, is situated in a luxurious and safe residential area, and it’s equipped with electronic surveillance. We have as well an in-house courtesy officer who is always available to personally assist tenants, especially during non-business hours.


The noise coming from adjoining apartments or from outside can be extremely disturbing and may impact your life. Thus, it’s critical to determine if a Florida apartment is noisy before you move in.

To check the noise level, we’d suggest that you visit the apartment at different times of day. And don’t forget to ask the building manager if there are any policies regarding quiet hours, limits on loud music, etc.

Final word: Renting a Florida apartment is a legal process. Since there’s nothing worse than being locked into a long-term lease with unfavorable conditions, ask your questions and read the lease agreement before you sign it. The more you know upfront, the more informed decisions you’ll be able to make.

Located within a short distance of universities, colleges, shopping centers, grocery shops, restaurants, pharmacies, parks, etc., our Sugarloaf Luxury Apartments in Destin, FL, offer all the perks and amenities of modern and active yet peaceful living. To reserve your spot, contact our rental office today. We’d love to give you a tour and help you find the perfect apartment for you.

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