5 Ways to add Square Footage to Your Apartment

Have you just found a lovely rental apartment on the Emerald Coast, but it’s a bit too small? Don’t despair, you don’t have to go through the apartment hunting process again. How do we propose to solve this problem? That’s quite simple. Sign the lease and implement the foll
owing five space optimization ideas we’ve gathered from world-renowned professional organizers.

1. Select multipurpose furnishing.
In a small apartment, furnishings that do double duty can actually add square footage. A bed, for example, can take up a huge amount of room. But if you buy a storage bed, it will save you lot of space. These beds feature storage compartments underneath that allow you to house different things, ranging from books to clothes and shoes, so you no longer need a bookshelf, a dresser or a shoe cabinet. Or you may want to consider investing in a loft bed, with a closet or a desk underneath. You can also opt for other stylish multipurpose furniture pieces, such as two-in-one magazine racks and stools, or collapsible furniture that combines flexibility and practicality, and comes in a wide array of tables, chairs, sofas, shelves, etc. If you have a small kitchen, getting extra cabinets is a huge mistake. Instead, install a few shelves or use any cardboard or pantry space left to store kitchen utensils and dry foods.

2. Opt for minimalist design.
Multiple pieces of furniture can occupy a lot of space in a small apartment. Therefore, reconsidering the furniture items you actually need before you buy them is critical to save valuable floor space. Entertainment centers, dressers, recliners, bookshelves, nightstands, desks, end tables, sideboards, dining tables and dining chairs are just a few things many people living in rentals don’t really need. For instance, placing a coffee table with a few stools or pillows (if you don’t mind sitting on the floor) in a small living room may suffice.

3. Use wall space.
Using space smartly is a necessity when it comes to small apartments. For that, mounting different things onto the walls is ideal. If you have a flat-screen TV, get rid of the TV stand and hang it directly on the wall. If you don’t like the idea of getting regular folding furniture, you can find a variety of wall-mounted tables and shelves that can be folded down when not in use. Another great idea would be to use the inside of the doors to hang different things, such as spice racks, storage baskets, towel bars, etc. If you and your roommate share a small apartment, don’t divide it using furniture pieces. Opting for curtains or screens instead will add square footage to your unit.

4. Choose small kitchen appliances and electronics.
Kitchen appliances and electronics have invaded our lives and apartments. And there’s no turning back. But the good news is that all the microwaves, toasters, coffee makers, blenders, juicers and refrigerators you can find in stores usually come in smaller sizes, which are perfect for small apartments. If you intend to buy a new TV, make sure it’s the right size for your new living room.

5. Control clutter.
Before or right after you move into a rental unit, limit your possessions to the things you really need. By giving away, selling or putting in storage the clothes, shoes, books, furniture and accessories you no longer need but are still in good condition, and throwing out the rest, you can add square footage for you and your roommate.

If you’ve already found a wonderful rental apartment, we hope the points above will help you add square footage and transform it into a more practical and functional living space. If you’re looking for an apartment on the beautiful Emerald Coast, consider touring our Sugarloaf Luxury Apartments complex in Destin, FL. To talk to one of our apartment specialists today, please call (850)-837-3131 or use our contact form.

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