Affordable Seasonal Design Changes For Your Luxury Apartment

When it comes to luxury apartment rentals, one of the challenges many renters face is finding budget-friendly ideas to decorate and personalize their interiors. Since spending too much time and money to decorate a temporary home isn’t really worth it, it’s very important to consider both the aesthetic and financial payoff of your decisions at every turn.

Though it may seem hard to believe, achieving that high-end appeal you have in mind is possible without blowing your budget. Now, read on for several affordable design ideas you can opt for to give your space a luxurious, fresh look each season.

Select the right window treatments.
Nothing can change the design and complete the appearance of a room more than some well-chosen window treatments. One small piece of advice: when selecting curtains, drapes, blinds, etc., always go for the highest quality you can afford. According to interior designers, a high-quality window treatment boasting a beautiful pattern and a shade that perfectly complements your interior color palette can create a feeling of sophisticated luxury. Also, make sure you hang your curtains and drapes as close to the ceiling as possible. This will create the illusion of a higher ceiling, making your interior look more luxurious. Another great idea would be to get two sets of window treatments: one for summer and one for winter.

Fall decorated living room

Add a few throw pillows.
To give your luxury apartment a touch of elegance and coziness, forget about the standard 18×18-inch decorative pillows. Instead, opt for oversized throw pillows, which can lend a more luxurious softness to your space. When choosing decorative pillows, however, keep in mind the scale. A low-back sofa, for instance, will look much better with smaller yet overstuffed pillows than with large pillows. Once you get the right pillows for the look and feel you desire, opting for different seasonal pillow covers is a brilliant idea to make a remarkable design change according to each season. While fall-themed decorative pillows are great interior decor additions in the autumn and flower-patterned pillows can fill your luxury apartment with warmth and coziness during the spring and summer months, Christmas-themed pillow covers can bring the holiday spirit into your living space.

Optimize your lighting.
Lighting plays an important role in interior design. If you’re trying to set the right mood and tone for your luxury apartment, it’s essential to remember that warm lighting can make your interior look better while creating a more expensive look and feel. To dress up your space, you may also want to consider adding a few elegant table and floor lamps.

“Edit” your collections.
Any luxury apartment has some beautiful art pieces that complete its look. But you don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive artwork. You can fool the eye with inexpensive paintings and accessories like metal, wood or ceramic sculptures, statuettes and miniatures, oversize cut agates, seashells, deep-water corals, etc. To give your apartment a seasonal makeover, consider rotating your artwork. For instance, you could exhibit ceramic statuettes and miniatures with corals in the autumn, fresh flowers with wood artwork and seashells in the summer, and metal sculptures with oversize agate during the winter months.

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