How to Land a Destin Apartment in a Week

Set of keys on a tableWhether you’re moving from one local location to another, or making a life-changing cross-country move, qualifying for an apartment in Destin, FL is relatively easy. Good credit, a clean background, and adequate funding ensure you’ll breeze right through the qualification process. Destin, Florida is one of the most beautiful places to live. Choosing the perfect Destin apartment will probably be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your relocation. There truly isn’t a bad location anywhere in this gorgeous coastal town. You’ve already made a great decision by choosing Destin, now to choose the right apartment!

In order to be prepared and speed up this process, let’s review the information you should have on-hand so you can land the Destin apartment of your dreams:

  1.    Have your finances in order! Check your credit score. Clear up any bad debt. Check your credit score again. We recommend using Credit Karma. This could take a good bit of time, which is why we mention it first. Your credit score can actually prevent you from being approved in the qualification process, or even increase your deposit requirements. The last thing you’ll want during a move is an unexpected expense! So, get that score up and your debt down!
  2.    Ensure your criminal background is accurate. Identity theft does exist. It’s important to keep an eye on the condition of your identity as well as your credit at all times. If something pops up that you know isn’t you, identify and notify it to the right entity immediately to clear it up as quickly and swiftly as possible.  
  3.    Have your rental history information on hand. This includes names and contact information of past landlords. While we’re on that subject, have numbers and addresses for a couple of references as well.
  4.    Know your employment history. Chances are, if you’re moving cross-country, you’ll need to provide proof of an employment offer. If you’re local and already employed, bring in the past two months’ paycheck stubs. Landlords want reassurance you can afford the rental rate.
  5.     Be application ready. Chances are, you’ll be required to fill out an application. Have all of your information handy so you can complete it in one step. Any information you don’t have or need to chase down will only delay your move. Be sure your driver’s license or I.D. is current, and also be sure to have your social security card. Copies of these may be required. This is also true for anyone that will be sharing the apartment with you.

Once you have all of these things in order, head on down to the leasing office. You should be good to go! Your leasing agent will be so pleased with you having your affairs in order! Both of you can focus on choosing your apartment and preparing it for your move instead of chasing down red tape items! Once you get that approval, you’ll be so pleased for getting those ducks in a row! Your new beach lifestyle is waiting, so start packing! (Don’t forget your flip-flops!)

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