Three Reasons First Floor Apartments Are Ideal

Small table and chairs near a windowWhen searching for an apartment, you’ll discover there are several factors to consider when choosing that perfect abode. Once you’ve chosen the ideal apartment community, you may be offered a choice of vacant apartments from which to choose. Now comes the hard part: which floor to choose? Well, we’ve put together a few things to consider when choosing that ground floor apartment.

MOVING DAY: We’re not just talking about the two days you’ll have the moving truck backed up to your entryway on both move-in and move-out. We’re also referring to the day you buy a new table, or every Saturday morning as you bring your groceries home. You won’t put a second thought into having to climb two flights of stairs with multiple armloads of groceries until you experience it firsthand. You’ll also never fully appreciate living on a ground floor apartment until you watch your upstairs neighbor battle those flights of stairs, with an armload of today’s necessities like a laptop, big purse, packages, etc.

ELECTRIC COSTS: With our warm summer days and mild Winters, you’ll appreciate this next perk: lower electric costs. By being on the ground floor, your apartment will be shielded from the direct summer heat, resulting in lower electric costs to run the air conditioner during those hot months. With our mild winters, you won’t be struggling to keep your apartment at a comfortable temperature during the cooler time of year either.

EASE OF ACCESS: There are several reasons you’ll appreciate this feature:

  1.       If you’re heavy-footed or prone to vacuuming at midnight, you’ll love the convenience of not having anyone live below you. You’re able to do aerobics at 4 am, vacuum at 5 am, and run your dishwasher at 6 am without hesitation or repercussion. You’re sure to be more at ease in your home if you’re not having to worry about tiptoeing around.
  2.      If you have fur-babies, those early-morning or late-night walks will be a lot easier to handle if you’re not facing stairs. Your pet may be able to handle functioning up and down staircases, but that doesn’t mean he/she likes it. You’d be amazed how stubborn a pet can be on a rainy day, facing a flight of stairs. With a first floor apartment, there are no worries for either of you with an early or late night stroll.
  3.      First responders/emergency evacuation: Heaven forbid something should happen requiring either of these events. However, should an emergency take place, you’ll fully appreciate your ability to get out or first responders’ ability to get in. Trust us, we’ve witnessed the difficulty of a stretcher battling the stairs both ways.
  4.      You’ll also have easier access to the grounds, giving your home that feeling of having a yard (with none of the inconvenience of taking care of one).

So, from conveniences to emergencies, the first-floor apartments offer plenty of comforts with little-to-no dissatisfactions. It kind of seems like a “no-brainer” now, doesn’t it?

Schedule a tour of our community today, you’ll be glad you did.

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