5 Messes You Should Not Try To Clean Up With A Vacuum

Messes You Should Not Clean With A Vacuum

Next to Air Conditioning, Vacuum Cleaners are a modern marvel that we sometimes take for granted. Compared to sweeping with a broom that will essentially stir dust into the air, destined to re-settle back on the floor,  the vacuum is a great way to eliminate airborne particles and contain them in one easy place for disposal. While they are designed to vacuum up dust, dirt, hair and some other types of debris, they were not designed for some messes we make.

Never Liquids

Traditional vacuum cleaners are not designed for any liquid spill. There are, however, units designed specifically for those types of spills. Water inside the unit will damage the filters that are designed for dry material only. When filters become clogged with mud,  the unite will not function properly. In addition, the water in the hoses and holding baskets will create mud that can also be damaging to the unit. A water filtration vacuum system can handle those wet spills as well as dry ones because it uses water to filter the dirt. It is also believed to be better at removing and trapping harmful pathogens.

Smelly Messes

It may also seem like another good idea to vacuum up smelly messes. The smell you hope to rid with a vacuum will make a permanent residence inside your vacuum. Each time after that you use the vacuum, the smell will be deposited back onto the floor and in the air.

Forget the Vacuum in the Garage

Oil, gas, and grease are other items that cannot be vacuumed even with the top-of-the-line indoor vacuum cleaners. For the same reasons, the liquids will destroy the unit. Only wet/dry vacuum cleaners are designed for ridding those spills. Even then, the tank needs to be emptied and filters hosed off.

Nails, Tacks, Staples, Paperclips

It would seem so easy to grab the vacuum for a spill of nails, tacks or staples. Vacuums are not designed for any metal to enter through the filtration system. Even an occasional stray small nail or staple could do damage. However, a lot of those items through the system will do far more damage that could be avoided by using a broom and a dust pan.

An ample supply of different cleaning equipment such as broom, small whisk broom, dust pan and perhaps a hand held vacuum, each designed for a different types of cleaning, will keep your traditional vacuum cleaner functioning properly for a very long time.

An occasional vacuuming of carpet or hard surfaces will keep your home clean and healthy.

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