Navigating Your Budget: How Much Rent Can You Afford in Destin?

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Transform Your Destin Apartment with the Colors of the Year 2024

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How to Decorate Your Destin Apartment Without Losing Your Deposit

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How to Build a Good Rental History

Getting approved for a Destin apartment that not only fits your budget and lifestyle but is also conveniently located in the perfect neighborhood can be quite difficult in today’s highly competitive rental market. However, a good rental history can significantly increase your odds of getting approved for the apartment you want. In short, your rental … Read More

Moving Out? Here’s How to Tell Your Landlord

By its very nature, renting an apartment is a living arrangement that’s not meant to last forever. Whether you got a new job, found an apartment that better fits your lifestyle, or just have a desire for a change of scenery, providing your landlord or property manager with proper move-out notice may not only be … Read More

How to Rent a Destin Apartment without Proof of Income

Providing proof of income is a standard requirement when applying for a rental apartment in Destin, FL. However, exceptions do exist. That’s because, with the advent of the perpetual freelancer and the digital nomad, apartment managers have come to realize that proof of income (or the lack of it) no longer reflects a tenant’s ability … Read More

What Is a Lease Guarantor? Do You Need One?

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How to Get a Rental Apartment With No Rental History

When it comes to renting a Destin apartment in the perfect neighborhood, a solid rental history is very important. After all, in a market where strong renter competition means apartment managers can have stricter requirements, there are only a few things that could help you differentiate yourself from other candidates. Your rental history is one … Read More

The Benefits of Renting an Unfurnished Destin Apartment

In Florida, there are no specific rules about what landlords or property management companies need to provide when they rent out houses or apartments. While all rental units must be fit to be lived in, meaning they need to be structurally sound and have working plumbing as well as hot water and heating/cooling, landlords have … Read More