How to Decorate Your Destin Apartment Without Losing Your Deposit

Christmas Decor Destin Apartment

With Christmas right around the corner, finding ways to decorate your Destin apartment without risking your security deposit will allow you to really enjoy the holiday season and get the New Year off to a good start. Because we’re all very busy preparing for the holidays—with some of us even looking for a Destin apartment to rent these days—let’s dive directly into the best ideas on how to decorate your rental apartment without losing your hard-earned money. 

Put Up a Christmas Tree

There is no better way to bring Christmas into your Destin apartment than opting for a Christmas tree. Whether it’s artificial or natural, potted or cut, small or large, green, white, silver, or gold, a Christmas tree is definitely the best way to make your Destin apartment ready for the holiday season without the risk of losing your deposit. One of the most obvious advantages of choosing a Christmas tree over other decoration options is that it’s easy to set up. Furthermore, an artificial Christmas tree comes with the added benefits of some being pre-decorated, long-lasting, so you can use it year-after-year, and mess-free, as there aren’t any needles to fall off.  

Use Christmas Throw Pillows and Blankets

Swapping out throw pillow covers and blankets is one of the easiest ways to transition your interior decor from season to season. Coming up with the right decor for Christmas isn’t any different. Nowadays, you can find a rich selection of throw pillows and cozy blankets in Christmas-specific colors and patterns that make it super easy to add holiday warmth to your Destin apartment while protecting your security deposit.

Add Mini Christmas Figurines to Your Apartment

Sometimes, thinking outside the box is key to nailing the right Christmas decor for a rental apartment in Destin, FL. After all, voluminous Christmas trees and string lights wrapped around infinite garlands are not the only items you can use to add a touch of festive sophistication to your space. With a few miniature seasonal figurines, like snow-covered Christmas trees, felt Santas and reindeer, adorable elves, sparkling angels, and other ornaments, you can easily create a beautiful focal point that will accentuate your Christmas decor.

Sprinkle Some Festive Flowers

From vases full of seasonal greenery and red berries to beautiful poinsettias, there are endless ways in which you can use flower arrangements to cheer up your Destin apartment this holiday season. During this time of year, many shops and home improvement stores carry extensive collections of flower arrangements that can make a great addition to any Christmas decor. You can also mix in a few candles to give your Christmas some old-fashioned charm.
*As candles pose a particular fire risk, we recommend using battery-operated candles, also known as flameless candles, as a substitute for real candles.

Opt for Christmas Tile Stickers For Your Apartment’s Decor

Do you want to decorate your kitchen and bathroom as well? If yes, you can revamp your tiles with stickers. Sometimes called tile decals or vinyl tiles, Christmas tile stickers represent an easy, quick, and affordable way to transform your Destin apartment during the holidays. And they can be removed without too much trouble and without leaving a trace, so you’ll also get to keep your security deposit at the end of your lease.   

Add Wall Decor and Dress Your Window and Door Frames with Greenery and Lights

Yes, you’ve read that right. As incredible as it may sound, there are a few safe ways you can use garlands and wall decor, as well as lights, to add holiday cheer to your Destin apartment without risking your deposit! Whether you want to frame out your windows and doors with faux or fresh greenery, put a few twinkly light strings up for a warm and cozy glow, or deck your walls with Christmas-themed paintings, wreaths, canvas prints, or pre-lit art, you can use studs, anchor screws, and command strips to stick decorations to your walls, ceiling, or window and door frames without leaving a mark. Not only are these hangers easy to use, but they’re surprisingly strong too, and come in different sizes, so you can hang nearly anything you might want. Here is an article explaining in more detail how you can use them.

We can only hope that these simple tips and tricks will help you make your Destin apartment feel more like your home during the holidays without risking your deposit. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Sugarloaf Luxury Apartments Complex! 

*Each Destin apartment complex has its own policies and procedures, including Sugarloaf Luxury Apartments. Check with management to see if any of these suggestions are part of our policy, as policies change. 

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