How to Build a Good Rental History

rental history
Getting approved for a
Destin apartment that not only fits your budget and lifestyle but is also conveniently located in the perfect neighborhood can be quite difficult in today’s highly competitive rental market. However, a good rental history can significantly increase your odds of getting approved for the apartment you want.

In short, your rental history is detailed in a report, which presents information about your previous tenancies. While the details an apartment manager can access depend on the type of report he or she chooses to run, most reports list similar information, including:

  • the properties you’ve rented, in chronological order;
  • the dates you lived in those rentals;
  • the rent amounts;
  • the details on any missed payments, damage to property, and evictions, if applicable;
  • the contact information of previous property managers or landlords. 

Since your rental history is an important factor in helping property managers decide whether or not to rent an apartment to you, let’s find out how you can maintain or improve your record so you’ll be well-positioned to land that dream apartment.

  • Fix all the mistakes on your report – If your report shows any inaccuracies, make sure that you resolve those issues before applying for a rental apartment in Destin, FL. For instance, an incorrect date could erroneously indicate a late rent payment. Since that may raise suspicions, you might end up being turned down for the new Destin apartment you wish to rent. In most cases, the easiest way to correct inaccuracies on your rental history report is to reach out to previous landlords and ask them to update the information to the rental report service.
  • Pay your rent and bills on time – When trying to get approved for a rental apartment, many aspects can reflect your reliability as a tenant. However, very few things matter as much as paying your rent and bills on time—which is a significant factor in maintaining a good rental history and improving your chances of approval.
  • Take care of the property – Most lease agreements stipulate that renters are expected to maintain the property in the same condition as it was when they moved in. Cleaning your apartment regularly and maintaining or even improving it while you live there will mean less work for the landlord or property manager. This can improve the likelihood that he or she will speak highly of you to a future landlord or apartment manager.
  • Be a good neighbor Being respectful and courteous to your neighbors is another thing you can do to build a good rental history. Keeping your noise levels down, letting your neighbors know beforehand if you’re planning on throwing a party, and discussing any problems that may occur tactfully and respectfully are just a few things that can help you demonstrate that you respect your neighbors. 
  • Maintain good communication – Building a good relationship with your landlord or the property manager can also go a long way toward building a good rental history. In this regard, it’s important to always communicate responsibly and respectfully with your landlord or the management team. As well, make sure you notify your landlord or the management team about any maintenance issues as soon as they occur, as this may help prevent extensive damage to the property. Not only will this show that you’re interested in taking care of the property, but it will also mean less work for the property manager or landlord – which is something that he or she will appreciate.
  • Always follow the rules – When trying to build a good rental history, it’s very important to follow the rules stipulated in your rental agreement. On the one hand, this will demonstrate that you’re a responsible tenant who takes his or her obligations seriously. On the other hand, not following the terms of your rental agreement may damage your rental history and even result in legal action, if the landlord or apartment manager chooses to pursue it. For instance, if you intend to make any alterations to the space, make sure you ask permission from your landlord or apartment manager beforehand. As well, if you need to move out before the end of your lease, it’s important to give proper notice and ask your landlord or property manager how he or she would like to proceed.

Hopefully, the aforementioned points offer you all the information you need in order to build the best rental history possible, so your rental application will stand out from the rest when trying to land your dream apartment. If you’re looking for a new rental apartment in Destin, FL, our simple online application form not only allows you to easily apply for any of our available units but also takes the hassle out of the process. If you need help with your rental application or want to find out more details about our apartments, feel free to contact our friendly staff today!

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