Tips For Being A Great Neighbor While Living In An Apartment

Living in Destin Apartment

Whether you’ve rented an apartment before or you are new to the apartment lifestyle, one of the most important things about your new way of life is being considerate of your neighbors. When living in an apartment, there is a good chance you have people living beside you, above you, and even below you, and this is super important to keep in mind. Living with not one but multiple neighbors can be a huge adjustment for some, but it is important to always try and be on good terms with everyone in your apartment community, as this comes with constant reassurance your new place will always be a safe, comfortable, and reliable place to call home. 

The biggest perk to being a great neighbor is having great neighbors in return. A strong connection with your neighbors will help you keep your unit a much safer place, as odds are if you are away from home you will have a network of people actively keeping watch over your home. Also, neighbors are great for the small things too; borrowing ingredients for a recipe, grabbing a package that would otherwise be left at your door, or even watering your plants while you’re away.

Here are a number of tips to help you build positive relationships with your new neighbors:

A Good First Impression Makes All the Difference

When moving into your new apartment, a first impression could make the world of difference. Here is a list of tips to make the best first impression:

  • When you first arrive, make a good first impression by introducing yourself… i.e. “Hey, I’m Taylor! I’m your new neighbor, I live in apartment 210A right down the way from you. If you ever need anything, be sure to reach out!”
  • Exchange contact information with your new neighbors. This will ensure you have people you can trust to contact if you are away or if you ever need anything.
  • Engage in conversation with your new neighbor, asking them basic questions to get to know them and to allow them to learn a little bit about yourself.
  • Be sure to let your neighbors know where you are located so if they ever need anything they know where to find you.
  • Make an effort to learn names, and if not, make sure to write down their contact info. Knowing your neighbors names when it comes time will show you have tremendous respect and show you value your new relationship.

Be Respectful…

When living in an apartment, it is important you are in close proximity to a huge community of people, and word travels fast. If you are disrespectful upon living in your new space, word will travel between neighbors and you will soon have a very unreliable support system, and a bad reputation or worse, they let management know. Here is a list of tips for being respectful in your apartment:

  • Make yourself aware of your pets behavior – if you have pets, make sure to keep their barking to a minimum, especially at night. Also, remember you now live in a community where the outside space is shared, so be proactive about making sure your pet uses the bathroom in areas designated to do so, and always pick it up afterwards. 
  • Be aware of your noise level at all times. It is important to be cautious about how loud you are in your apartment, especially late at night and early in the morning. It is important to remember that the people around you are of all ages and are all partaking in different stages of life, so being as conscious of noise as possible at all times is a common courtesy. Remember things like children napping, or the hours that someone would sleep if they work a night shift. This is when “getting to know your neighbors” comes in handy.
  • Offer to watch someone’s home while they are away, or even help watch pets or children every once and a while for when they are in need.
  • DO NOT be passive aggressive. If you have an issue with your neighbor, bring it to their attention as soon as possible, and as politely as possible, without placing blame.


Living in an apartment can be a huge adjustment for some, but sharing kindness and being respectful to your new neighbors will make the experience so much better!

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