Apartment Moving Made Easy: Host a Party

Moving Party


Renting your first apartment in Destin, FL, is one of the most exciting experiences of your life. But moving to a new area can also be a stressful event, especially if you’ve never done it before. Trying to find a good moving company able to transfer your belongings by a certain date isn’t easy. And that’s mostly because the best movers have many customers and long waiting lists. One thing you can do is to pack and move everything yourself. But this is a task of Herculean proportions that will put both your body and sanity to the test.

Many things seem to be against your decision to move to a new area, besides your family and close friends. Speaking of friends, why wouldn’t you throw an apartment moving party? With a good plan, you can have a lot of fun with your friends and turn the “moving nightmare” into a memorable experience for everyone. Here is how to organize such a party.

Set the Date

Inform your friends about your moving party a few weeks in advance and set a date that’s convenient for everyone. A week before the party, send your friends a reminder. Also, make sure you get all the moving and packing supplies you need, including cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, masking tape, scissors, white board markers, etc.

Get Ready for the Party

One day before the party, empty your closets, kitchen cabinets and drawers, group your things by category and make an inventory list to keep track of everything. Another great idea is to turn the biggest room into a “packing station” and put one of your friends in charge of it. Once all of your friends arrive, distribute tasks and put some music on to create a fun, party-like atmosphere. Also, getting some good food and drinks is the best way to thank your friends for their help.  

Stay Organized

You can use your inventory list to keep track of what’s been packed and assign new tasks. But be careful: don’t give too many orders or you risk ruining your party. Don’t forget that the purpose of a moving party isn’t only to get your things packed and moved into your new apartment but also to spend some beautiful moments with your friends. Therefore, take breaks, chat with your friends, tell a few jokes and do whatever else you can to make your moving away party fun and exciting.

Move Everything

While packing things can be difficult, moving them to the new place is even harder. If you’ve rented a moving truck and it’s already there, some of your friends can load your things while others continue to pack. Also, your friends may be willing to help you unload your boxes at the new place and arrange some of your stuff into the apartment. If you can’t find a truck and the new apartment is close enough, ask your friends to help you carry your things over there.

Getting your friends to help you pack and move your stuff is ten times easier than doing everything alone.

One last piece of advice: save the best for last. Though it’s hard to say goodbye to your friends, take a few moments to thank them for their help and – why not? – set the date for your housewarming party.

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