Free and Inexpensive Things To Do in Destin, FL.

Destin FL Beach

Destin is one of the most renowned destinations in Florida, offering its beautiful beaches along with plenty of other activities, making it the perfect home or tourist destination. If you have just leased your new Destin apartment, chances are you won’t be wanting to break the bank on finding something to do around town, so that’s what we are here for. There are plenty of things to do around Destin that cost little to nothing, but make for the perfect day out. Here are just a few free or inexpensive things to do in Destin, FL:


Take a walk on some of the best beaches: Public beach access points are littered throughout Destin, making it the perfect thing to do on a budget. At public access points, you won’t be asked to pay for parking and can just walk right on to the beach! You can go for a swim or take in the sun, just don’t forget your sunscreen! The beach on Pompano Street is a fan favorite, but you can also visit Crystal Beach or Miramar Beach too.

Walk around through Harborwalk Village: HarborWalk Village is the perfect destination if you are looking to have a ton of fun on a budget, without having to compromise. The HarborWalk is located at Destin Harbor and includes a huge range of restaurants, shopping areas, live music, and even the occasional festival. The options for food are amazing, and the shopping selections are even better, all situated with beautiful views of the Gulf. If you aren’t looking to eat or shop, the HarborWalk Village is the perfect place to go and take a stroll along the Gulf Coast!

Take a scenic car or bike ride: Sparing the cost of gas, this is the perfect activity to do if you aren’t interested in walking, or even if you’re new to the area. Take a drive up Scenic Highway 98, which links Destin and Miramar Beach. This highway offers gorgeous views of the coast, and you can even find access to beaches along the way, as well as restaurants and other attractions. If you are up for the workout, try biking along Highway 98. Biking along Highway 98 offers the same views all while enjoying the outdoors at the same time!

Visit the Silver Sands Premium Outlets: The Silver Sands Premium Outlets are the perfect place for those who love shopping, but don’t want to break the bank in the process. These outlets provide plenty of affordable options, and even if you choose to pass up the shopping, the entire mall is outdoors, making it the perfect place to take a stroll.

Visit Henderson Beach State Park: This park is perfect for those who want to take a trip to the beach, without the crowd. Henderson Beach State Park is a protected beach lined with sugary white sands and a gorgeous view of the emerald coast. This park is the perfect destination for sunbathing, fishing, swimming, picnicking, and just taking a stroll and indulging in nature. The entry fee is only $6 per vehicle, and is worth every penny!

Stroll through Destin Commons: This is another excellent place to go if you love shopping. The Destin Commons offer many familiar retailers as well as a beautiful open-air setting. Even if you don’t choose to shop around, you won’t be disappointed.

Visit the Destin History and Fishing Museum: The Destin History and Fishing Museum is the perfect activity to do on a rainy day, or if you have an itch for history. This museum explores the early history of Destin as a growing fishing village to its current status as a tourist destination for people all over the world. This museum highlights the role the fishing industry has played in the

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