Pet Tips to Keeping Your Destin Apartment Clean

Pet Friendly Destin Apartment

Whether you have cats or dogs you are going to want to keep your apartment as clean as possible. I say as clean as possible because if you’re reading this you are obviously a pet owner and you should know by now that pets and clean areas don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. Although they are our furry companions they might just be the most carefree and clumsiest creatures on the face of the earth. So, here are some tips to help keep your apartment clean and keep your sanity!


Cleaning Equipment on Deck

Pet dander and hair will always be your number one issue when it comes to having a pet-friendly home. Consider a high-end pet vacuum. My favorite on the market right now is the Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro. It is not only a vacuum but also acts as a mop and steam cleaner. It is the most heavy-duty and pet-friendly vacuum currently on the market. If you are a pet owner that works quite a bit then possibly consider the Roomba made by iRobot. It vacuums the floors for you and will make your life so much easier when coming home to clean floors. I also like to place pet fresh down on my carpets and this can be found at your local grocery store. It deep cleans the carpets while you are vacuuming and makes your carpet smell wonderful.


Oopsies Another Accident… What to Do?

Cleaning up the accident immediately is always key! Just like with your clothes you want to treat any type of accident immediately to avoid any type of staining. Keeping a pet spot cleaner that is safe for pets and carpets is always helpful. When an accident occurs on the tile I prefer to use Clorox bleach and then a Swiffer wet jet to clean it up and avoid any weird smells. If you have the pet pro that I mentioned before that is always the go-to and will clean up all messes perfectly! 


How to Stay Dry and Hair-Free?

When your pet goes to drink water they tend to get it, quite frankly… everywhere. This is why places like Target, Walmart, and Petsmart have come out with wonderful mats that can go underneath their water bowls and are quick-drying! If your pet still manages to make the water spread past the mat just grab a small towel and wipe it up to avoid any slipping hazards and to avoid any future mold issues. To help with the amount of pet hair on furniture try out couch coverings. Amazon has a wide variety of tasteful and super cute options! A lot of them don’t even look like a covering. It just looks like the couch normally! These are super easy to pop on and off and are machine washable. Makes life that much easier!


Sometimes it gets frustrating when it seems you’re constantly in a mess with your home due to your pets but with these few tips and tricks for your Destin apartment *should be in tip-top shape in no time! 

*These tips are for our pet-friendly units only. 

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