Tips on Being an Amazing Tenant

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Apartment living can have its ups and downs, and as with any major life events, transitioning to living in an apartment can be challenging for some. Landlords will go above and beyond looking for responsible tenants for their properties, looking far past the usual financial aspects. Being a good tenant includes but isn’t limited to someone who will respect the property they are renting, someone who will honor the terms of the lease, and those who display financial responsibility. After being chosen to be a tenant, there are certain aspects that will make you an amazing tenant in the landlord’s eyes, and here are just a few: 


Make sure you pay your rent on time:  All it takes is one easy payment each month to stay on the good side of your landlord. Paying your rent is one of your landlords biggest sources of income allowing them to pay the mortgage on their property. If problems arise when it comes to paying your rent on time, speak to your landlord or office manager about online options for paying your rent. If you are struggling financially, be upfront with your landlord and speak with them about your options,and never lie!

Report maintenance issues as soon as they arise:  If maintenance issues arise in your Destin apartment, make sure to report them as soon as they occur! Small issues can quickly grow into larger issues, making them a huge financial risk for the landlord. By reporting maintenance  issues right away, you will aid in protecting your landlord’s investment.

Have you gone through an eviction in the past? : Having a prior eviction is a huge red flag for your landlord. Having a prior eviction is a clear way to see you’ve directly violated the terms of a prior lease. If you have a prior eviction, work hard to pay off any past debt to the property and focus on building your credit score and building a strong list of references. Once you have accomplished this, then be sure to be upfront with your landlord, so they are prepared and know how they want to handle your past history. 

Be open for communication: Landlords will value a tenant who is always open for communication. A tenant who responds quickly and is able to prioritize their requests for their landlord is highly sought out and takes a huge strain off the landlord’s back. Before reaching out to your landlord, make sure that you try to solve the problem on your own before bringing the problem to the landlord.

Keep your space as clean as possible:  Keeping your Destin apartment in good condition is very important to the landlord. Maintaining a clean space ensures that pests will be prevented, dirt build up is avoided, and of course allows you to receive your security deposit back at the end of your lease. Keeping your apartment clean ensures that when you move out, the space will be in good condition for the next tenant.

Respect noise requirements: Your lease will likely specify a specific time of the night where noise requirements are put in place. Be sure to respect these terms of the lease for the sake of your landlord and your neighbors. If you fail to follow noise requirements, your landlord could serve you with an eviction for failing to follow the terms of the lease.

Keep Up With Being a Good Tenant

Even if you started off on the wrong foot, it’s not too late to turn over a new leaf. If you think that there is a strain on your relationship with your landlord, the best thing to do would be to reach out and see what you could change to improve in the eyes of your landlord or property manager. Make sure to pay your rent on time and treat the property with respect and you will be on the road to a better relationship with the people that are involved in keeping a roof over your head! If you are in the market for a new apartment complex, be sure to check us out at Sugarloaf Luxury Apartments in Destin, Fl.

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