Twas the Night Before Christmas at SugarLoaf Apartments

Sugarloaf Apartments

Twas the night before Christmas at SugarLoaf Apartments when all through the night, the seagulls were screeching and the waves were crashing with delight. The white sand shimmered and reflected the moon’s light, as a newlywed couple looked out their window at this beautiful site. They watched the waves fall over one another as they crash over the glacier-like sand. 

James and Anna couldn’t help but get lost in a gaze while sitting next to the twinkling Christmas lights.  They sipped their hot cocoa and thought about how much they missed their families back home. James was finishing his residency to be an Emergency Department Physician and Anna was a kindergarten teacher at the local elementary school. With James working crazy hours it was impossible for them to go home for the holidays. They had each other and the glistening beach, and to be quite honest, their hearts were perfectly content. They held each other on the couch while watching A White Christmas and laughed while thinking of the idea of snow on Christmas let alone, pants instead of shorts. Before cuddling up into bed they put on their newest matching Mickey Mouse Christmas pajamas and told each other what they were thankful for. They reminded one another that Christmas is about more than just the presents, the snow, and the twinkling lights. It’s about caring about someone other than yourself, giving without a thought of receiving and seeing the smiles that you can create from something as minute as a warm hug.

Anna began to drift into a deep slumber where she dreamt of sugar plum fairies and snow falling in the countryside. She jumped out of her sleep though when she heard a loud CRASH! It sounded like something fell into her living room but what could it be? She tried to wake James but he was so sound asleep that he did not budge. She decided to investigate herself! She tiptoed ever so quietly out into the hallway where she took a brief moment to stop. Was that the cookie plate she heard moving on the kitchen table? She then crept ever so slightly around the corner where she saw none other than Santa Clause drinking his glass of milk that she had left him before bed! She thought, “but how did he get in if we are on the second floor of an apartment complex?!” She sat and waited as he delicately placed James and Anna’s presents underneath the glimmering lights of the tree. She then watched him move his hand in a giant circle as glitter flowed through her living room and a chimney appeared. Santa flew up the chimney and left Anna in her hallway, jaw dropped all the way to the ground. She just couldn’t wait to tell James in the morning!!

She decided she couldn’t wait until morning, so she ran into their bedroom to wake him up. She told him everything at the speed of lightning with a smile the size of Texas. Then they both went back to sleep. Upon waking up on this beautiful Christmas morning they began to open their presents. It was at this very moment that the young couple realized if you can believe in the magic of Christmas, that anything could happen. 

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