What To Look For In A Luxury Apartment


Sugarloaf pool areaThe word luxury should say it all. If you’re in the market for luxury apartments and condos in Destin, that means you aren’t interested in something run-of-the-mill or average. Use of the word “luxury” isn’t regulated, so how can you tell if an apartment is the real deal?


A luxury apartment complex is going to come with luxury amenities. Pools, grilling areas, and gyms are common amenities at most apartment complexes. Average amenities don’t usually have much space dedicated to them, but a luxury community will have spacious amenities with top of the line equipment. You’ll also notice a big difference in the level of maintenance these amenities receive.

During your tour, pay attention to the state of the amenities and make sure you ask how often each space is maintained and by whom. In the pool area, you want to note the cleanliness of the pool and the surrounding area, including the tables and chairs. If the pool looks like it needs resurfacing and the chairs look like they’ve seen better days, (broken, severe cracks)  it can be a solid hint that the complex is in need of updating and improved maintenance habits. The same is true of other amenities, such as the complex’s gym. If the equipment isn’t well maintained there’s an increased chance of malfunction, which can end in injury for the person utilizing the equipment.


The types of material used in luxury apartments and condos in Destin will be much higher quality than those found in average apartments. You may feel like, because an apartment is temporary, quality really doesn’t matter. However, living in an apartment that utilizes cheap flooring and low quality appliances will be a constant headache. This is especially true if the complex doesn’t prioritize customer service when it comes to maintenance. It isn’t hard to find horror stories of people who were trapped in a lease at a complex that left them stranded with broken appliances or other ruined features.

It can be helpful to give special notice to the appliances that exist in the units you’re considering. The brand, model, and age of appliances can often be a hint as to how likely you are to experience malfunction and require repairs. While you can visually note the brand and model of the appliances, you can ask the complex for information concerning age and maintenance as well. Ask what the policy is for repairs and replacement of appliances so that you know the “luxury” apartment complex is actually committed to providing a luxury experience.


We all know that location is everything, and this is no less true for luxury apartments and condos in Destin. Being in a nice area is a given. You want nearby access to quality food and entertainment, but you also want quality views. If the apartment’s “lake view” units are facing an ugly dried up lake, that’s likely not the aesthetic you’re looking for. The natural features on the surrounding property should be used to the complex’s advantage, and the landscaping should clearly be well maintained.

Aside from the visual appeal of a location, there can actually be many other benefits of living in certain areas. For instance, living near the ocean and other waterways can actually be beneficial to your health.

When choosing a luxury apartment, it’s important to have clear expectations and ask as many questions as possible. You want to make sure the picture that is painted by the sales staff during your tours is an accurate one so that you can avoid finding yourself in an unfortunate situation later on.

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