Decorating Your Destin Apartment for Christmas

Destin Aapartment Decor

It’s finally December. The last and best month of the year, jam-packed with enthusiasm and celebration. Christmas trees, carols, wood-burning fireplaces, beautiful decorations, Christmas gifts, snow, and hot cocoa are some of the symbols that most people think of when they think of Christmas.

If you live in a Destin apartment, you most likely don’t have a fireplace, and the odds of a white Christmas are basically zero, if you don’t count our white-sandy beaches. However, there are endless Christmas decorating ideas that can make your space look fabulous and help you get into the holiday spirit. What’s more, you can have a white Christmas, even without the snow. Here are a few decorating ideas that will help you rethink your living space and make it picture-perfect for the holiday. 

A Christmas Tree 

Charming holiday decor would be nearly impossible to achieve without a beautiful Christmas tree. If a regular-size Christmas tree doesn’t fit in your apartment, you may opt for a smaller or narrow artificial Christmas tree or for a miniature tabletop tree that won’t take up any floor space. The greatest thing about choosing an artificial Christmas tree is that you can find different pre-lit and fully decorated options that can perfectly complement any interior decor and boost the curb appeal of your Destin apartment. If you wish to create a more serene and sophisticated white Christmas ambiance, a snowy tree can make your living space feel brighter and more relaxing. If you like modern holiday decor, you can decorate a vase of branches with miniature Christmas tree ornaments and fairy string lights as a Christmas tree alternative.     

Magical Paper Snowflakes

Pure and delicate, snowflakes are some of the most beautiful works of nature. On the other hand, paper snowflakes are some beautiful works of art that you can use to add shimmery snow effects to your holiday decor. Nowadays, many retailers make available a wide variety of paper snowflakes, including stunning 3D designs. Or you could make your own magical paper snowflakes, as there are plenty of tutorials that explain how to create unique paper snowflakes as well as other Christmas decorations. If you decide to craft your own paper snowflakes, make sure you add a little bit of gold and glitter for extra sparkle. 


Garlands are excellent decoration items to bring festive vibes into any room. To make your entryway look its best this holiday season, wrap a few fairy string lights around an evergreen garland and hang it around your entrance door. As well, a cute Christmas window swag and a group of Santa mugs assorted with white Mason jars holding Christmas tree clippings are sure to brighten your kitchen. And even though the bathroom may not be one of the places you think of when it comes to decorating your apartment for Christmas, a few festive holiday bath towels, winter-scented candles, and a small decoration placed on your bathroom countertop can liven up the holiday spirit. 

Other Festive Items 

For a cohesive and complete look throughout your Destin apartment, make sure that you also decorate your apartment furniture, but don’t go overboard. For instance, you could embellish your coffee table with a delicate Christmas wreath candle holder, a pre-lit tabletop Christmas tree, or a beautiful snow globe. If you’ve been blessed with a mantelpiece, a great idea would be to add a pre-lit garland and then mix and match different candles and Christmas ornaments. As well, you could hang a few curtain string lights in the living room for simple holiday decor that will look stylish. You could also rest a few poinsettias, which are a Christmas classic, on side tables, bookshelves, countertops, window sills, or anywhere else you think they could add charm to your interior. Here are a few wonderful ideas on how to decorate with poinsettias for the holidays. 

When it comes to decorating your Destin apartment for Christmas, having plenty of space isn’t a requirement for embracing the holiday spirit. Sometimes, the key to creating perfect holiday decor is thinking outside the box. After all, a voluminous Christmas tree and infinite garlands aren’t the only decorations you can deck your apartment with. You can use many other items, ranging from candles, decorative tree branches, baubles, and strings of lights to festive textiles and figures, to make sure the holiday spirit is reverberating from every corner of your home. Now, we can only hope that the Christmas decoration ideas listed above will help you create the perfect holiday atmosphere in your Destin apartment. 

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