Put a Spring in Your Apartment’s Step with a Color Change

Painting Destin Apartment

Spring – what a magical time for renewal and new beginnings! But spring is also the perfect  time to breathe new life into our living spaces. If you’re planning to transform your Sugarloaf apartment this season, the hottest interior design trends of 2022 are the best place to start. 

Assuming that you’ve recently undertaken a spring cleaning session to make your apartment smell amazing, going one step further and implementing a few stylish ideas is the only way to make the most of your living space.

Adding Visual Interest with Splashes of Color

While you could opt for different interior design strategies, incorporating a few pops of color into your Destiny apartment is the easiest way to completely revamp your space without spending a fortune. However, picking the right colors and combinations is critically important in order to create a cohesive color flow throughout your apartment.

How can you choose the right colors for your space? In addition to considering the interior design tips and tricks that many professionals provide nowadays, paint manufacturers and interior designers have recently revealed their top color choices that you could opt for in order to create a memorable living space this year. Here are the biggest color trends of 2022 that you could use to give your *Sugarloaf apartment an instant facelift.

Pantone’s Very Peri

While many people are still craving calm neutrals in their Destin apartments, the time has come to spice things up a little bit. Pantone’s Very Peri is a charming color with a great attitude and personality that can be paired beautifully with different shades of white, gray, and beige. If you love rich colors that can give your space a fresh look, Very Peri is one of the best hues you could use to make a statement in your apartment this Spring. And the good news is that Very Peri doesn’t have to be painted on the walls, as it can also make a nice throw pillow or curtain color.


Sage Greens

Although green has been trending for a couple of years now, sage green will rule in 2022. According to paint companies and interior designers, this year’s winners are:

Sage Green

  • Sherwin-Williams’ Evergreen Fog SW 9130Evergreen Fog is one of those alternative neutrals that can add a sense of depth, character, and interest to any space. When combined with off whites, beiges, or higher-contrast colors, such as charcoal gray, this shade can transform a dull color scheme into a superb palette, just perfect for creating a sophisticated yet subtle, delicate, and calming atmosphere.

  • Benjamin Moore’s October Mist 1495October Mist is another soft shade that can perfectly match classic interiors as well as modern, minimalist aesthetics. If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant color scheme, you can use this shade to connect different areas throughout your apartment. October Mist can also be complemented with rich jewel tones, such as amethyst, ruby, and sapphire, for a bold, colorful color palette that can add a lot of drama and personality to your space. 

  • BHG’s Laurel Leaf Better Homes and Gardens has recently revealed its first-ever color of the year: Laurel Leaf. This color can perfectly fit any classic or modern interior craving a subtle yet stunning statement shade. Proposing a surprising yet sophisticated upgrade from traditional neutrals, this beautiful shade is able to add a lot of depth to rooms, while allowing you to create a feeling of warmth surrounded by a bit of unexpectedness.

  • Gentle Olive by Minwax – While sage greens are a quintessential way to bring warmth and organic beauty to interiors, they can also add a spin to classic decor. Used as an accent color, Gentle Olive can work as a neutral anchor that’s versatile enough to complement different natural shades and materials, including wood, wool, and cotton.

Art and Craft by Dunn-Edwards

Elegant and perfectly balanced are two words that someone could use to describe this beautiful hue. Providing a warmer alternative to classic neutrals, this color can be mixed and matched with soft tones or happy, contrasting pastels to create a welcoming and soothing vibe that can work wonders particularly for intimate areas, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. 

Art And Craft

Valspar’s Color Palette

From soft rose hues to radiant yellows, Valspar’s trending color palette proposes some beautiful colors that promise to look comforting and luxurious both on walls and textiles. By simply using any of these cheerful pops of color, you can create a comfortable look that not only feels modern and timeless but can also keep your apartment bright and joyful.

Introducing new colors into your Destin apartment is the easiest way to enjoy seasonal interior design trends and make your rental feel like home. Regardless of the accessories and colors you intend to choose this spring, you can make your apartment look spectacular as long as you follow interior design tips and tricks from the experts. 


*If you are painting in a Sugarloaf apartment, you do have to get permission from the front desk. 

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