What to Expect When Applying for a Destin Apartment

Destin Apartment for Rent

In general, the rental application process is fairly straightforward. However, the local rules and regulations that govern the rental of dwelling units, as well as the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants, may change over time. In addition, the application process can vary from one landlord to another.

Since all these can impact the rental application process itself along with how long it takes to get approved for a specific apartment in Destin, FL, educating yourself about what’s to come and preparing the documents you need beforehand can help you speed up the entire process and also boost your chances of renting your dream apartment in Destin, FL. To that end, continue reading to learn what you can expect when applying for your next (or first) Destin apartment.

First, You’ll Need to Fill Out the Rental Application Form

To simplify and speed up the application process, many apartment complexes have online application forms that applicants can use to reach out to the property management team once they decide to rent a specific apartment. Since the apartment manager can get back to you in just a few hours (during operations hours of course), it’s important to have all the information that he or she may require readily available before you fill out and submit the online application.

Why? Simply because providing all the information required right after the manager confirms that the apartment you’re interested in is available for rent will allow him or her to get the application process started without delay. This will only speed up the entire process and get you into your dream apartment faster.

When applying for a Destin apartment, the information you may be required to provide includes: your full name, social security number, current address, phone number, email address, employment/income information, and background information. If you also have a pet, it’s important to provide relevant information, as certain pet-friendly apartment complexes may apply limitations on the type of pet, breed, size/weight, and the number of pets allowed.

Second, Proof of Income and Proof of Identity Are Typical Requirements

When renting a Destin apartment, proving your income is a necessary part, as the apartment manager will want to make sure you have a reliable source of income to pay rent. While apartment managers are usually satisfied with a bank statement and an employment verification letter, you might also need to provide copies of pay stubs, W-2s, and/or tax returns. Since additional sources of income are also considered, make sure that you have copies of any proof of interest or dividend income as well as bonus/incentive payments, if applicable. For your application to be considered, it’s critically important to also submit proof of identity, which could be any photo ID (e.g. your state-issued ID, driver’s license, military ID, passport, or green card), with your application.

Third, You’ll Need to Pay an Application Fee and Good Faith Deposit

Many apartment complexes require a non-refundable application fee, which is meant to cover the costs of background and credit checks that are usually done on all potential tenants. In addition to the application fee, prospective tenants are required to put down a “good faith” deposit in order to prove they’re serious about renting the unit. This deposit, which typically amounts to several hundred dollars, is also used to reserve the apartment while the manager processes the application. Once the apartment manager approves the application, the good faith deposit amount is applied to the security deposit.

Fourth, Expect Credit and Criminal Background Checks

The typical apartment application process also includes credit and criminal background checks. While a credit check will allow an apartment manager to determine whether a prospective tenant will be able to pay the rent on time, a background check will show his or her felonies, misdemeanors, and any pending criminal cases. Considering that apartment managers have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety and security of residents, guests, and property, running criminal background checks on prospective tenants is a necessary part of managing rental property.

If the property manager also requires personal and/or professional references, be sure to give them a heads-up that you’re providing their contact information. Without expecting a call from the apartment manager, your friends, as well as current or former employers and landlords, may be hesitant to speak about you over the phone. 

Fifth, You Might Need a Guarantor

If your income isn’t high enough to cover the rent, or you have a bad credit score or no credit, consider asking someone you trust to be your guarantor. The guarantor can be a parent, another family member, a friend, or anyone else who takes full responsibility for paying your rent if you’re unable to do so. To be approved for one of our apartments, your guarantor must have an income of 5 times the monthly rent, submit proof of income, and undergo a credit check. 

If you’re looking for a luxury apartment in Destin, FL, our team at Sugarloaf Luxury Apartments complex strives to make things easier for everyone, including prospective tenants. Assuming that you have enough stable income and good references, the final step after you submit all the documents that we require is signing the lease. It’s really that simple! 

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