Steps to Take Before Adopting a Pet

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If you’re like most of us, falling in love with a pet is almost inevitable. But even though sharing your home with your favorite pet is one of life’s greatest joys, adopting a pet is a big decision, especially if you’re looking for, or already live in an apartment. Since combining pet ownership with renting can be tricky, we’ve gathered below the most important steps a renter should take before adopting a pet.

Check If You Can Have a Pet Where You Live

Although the emotional and health benefits of pet ownership are well-known, not all rental communities allow pets. But as limited as it may seem, renters don’t have too much difficulty finding a pet-friendly apartment for rent in Destin, FL. On the other hand, the rental apartment complexes that allow pets usually have a series of pet policies in place, which outline the rules and regulations that all pet owners must comply with. For instance, some policies stipulate exactly what kind of pets are allowed and whether or not there is an additional deposit or monthly fee. Since these policies are meant to protect the landlord, renter, and other community residents, it’s important to check all the rules and restrictions before you bring your four-legged friend home.

Consider the Timing

Dogs and cats require a lot of time, attention, and commitment. If you’re a busy person, such as a student or a young professional who travels frequently as part of his or her work, you might want to consider waiting until you settle down and then adopt a pet. If you still want to adopt a pet despite your busy lifestyle, experts recommend looking into cats or older dogs. While cats are relatively independent creatures, older dogs aren’t typically bothered to spend some time alone. As well, if you have kids under 6 years old, a good idea would be to wait until they’re mature enough to care for an animal.

Choose the Right Type of Pet

Animal size isn’t the only variable you should consider when adopting a pet. Many small dog breeds, such as Yorkies, Dachshunds, Terriers, Bichons, and Pomeranians, are very active. Even though these breeds don’t require a lot of space, they do require a good amount of exercise every day. Other dog breeds, such as Bulldogs, Pugs, Havanese, Chow Chows, and even some Labradors, can make great apartment companions since they’re more laid-back and, therefore, quite content to spend all day lying comfortably on the couch. Before you adopt a dog, cat, or any other type of pet, find out as much as you can about him or her, including activity and anxiety levels. This will help you ensure it’s a good fit for your lifestyle and apartment community.

Consider Expenses

Before adopting a pet, there are different kinds of expenses you should take into account. First, you’ll have to pay an adoption fee. Once you adopt the pet, you’ll need to buy food, a few essentials, such as leashes, collars, bowls for food and water, toys, and a comfy bed, pillow, or blanket, and also pay for regular vet check-ups. According to PetFinder, all these can easily add up to hundreds or even several thousands of dollars a year. Make sure that you also factor in the cost of pet insurance, which is designed to cover unexpected veterinary bills for unforeseen health issues that might pop up in the future. In addition to all these, you might be required to cover an added cost for housing, whether it’s in the form of a pet deposit or monthly pet fee.

Equip Your Rental Apartment for Pets

In addition to the pet deposit or fee you might need to pay in order to cover additional wear and tear along with potential damage to property, it’s important to equip your rental with the right supplies before the pet moves in. A few supplies you might consider include a litter box/training crate/potty grass, scratching posts/walking accessories, and cleaning products. If you’re planning to rent an unfurnished apartment, a great idea would be to opt for pet-friendly furniture and different items, such as throw blankets or slipcovers, which will protect your furniture from your dog or cat. Toys are also very important because they can keep the pet busy while you’re away. A stimulated cat or dog that has plenty of toys tends to be less destructive than a bored one.

When adopting a pet as a renter, you should do your best to keep your landlord, your neighbors, and your pet happy. By doing your due diligence before finalizing the adoption, preventing damage to property, and making sure that your pet never disturbs the other residents, you can keep your apartment for as long as you wish.

Whether you already own or are hoping to adopt a new furry companion anytime soon, consider the above steps in order to ensure it’s a good move for both of you. If you’re looking for a pet-friendly apartment in Destin, FL, get in touch with our professionals today to check if we have any availability. 

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